WEB Laboratory (Akichika Mikami)


Akichika MIkami
Professor、MD, Ph.D
Birth: Sapporo, Hokkaidou, Japan
1971-1971 M.D., School of Med., Hokkaidou Univ
1971-1974 Ph.D., Graduate School of Med., Hokkaidou Univ.
1974-09 Primate Research Inst., Kyoto Univ.
1980-81 UCLA, Brain Res Inst. Visiting Fellow (USA)
1982-84 NIH, Eye Inst., Visiting Scientist (USA)
1991-92 Yale Univ., Visiting Associate Prof. (USA)
1996-09 Professor, Kyoto University

2009 Professor, Chubu Gakuin University
2009 Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
2011-2019 Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
2019-present Dean, Graduate School of Human-Wellbeing
2015-present Director, Comprehensive Research Center 
(Photo::March 2009, at Inuyama)

Research Interests:
Visual cognition and memory
Decision process based on emotion
Comparative study of non-human primates
Higher order brain functions in patients with brain damage
Evolution of color vision
Terminal Care in East Asia
Balance Control and Prevention of Fall
Detection of Dementia in early stage

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